How-to: Easiest French Manicure Ever. Seriously.

Ahhh, the elusive french manicure. Looks so easy…..but it”s not!! If you”re like me you can usually get your non-dominant hand to look fairly snazzy but a lack of ambidexterity leaves your other hand looking like a kindergarten craft project. Over the years, I”ve tried many ways to achieve a french manicure. This is by far the easiest, quickest, most fool-proof method I”ve found. I take no credit in conceiving of this technique but should you decide to attribute this level of genius to me, I will not fight you on it.

What you”ll need:

-Basic Manicure tools: nail file, buffing block, cuticle remover, cotton, acetone, etc.

-Hole-punch Reinforcements (available at any office supply store)

-Small brush or orange wood stick

-Base coat, French manicure white and pink polishes, top coat

1. Clean, file, shape, buff nails as desired. Apply one layer of top coat.

2. Cut reinforcements in half and apply along the free pokies online edge of the nail. You may need to overlap two reinforcements on the thumb nail.

3. Evenly apply 1-2 coats of the french manicure white polish to the free edge of nail. Let polish dry completely.

4. Completely dry I said! Is it dry? I mean really, really dry? Ok, then go ahead and carefully remove the reinforcements (if the polish is not dry, you will hate yourself at this point). Dipped in acetone, use the small brush or the edge of an orangewood stick to remove any polish from the skin. I recommend using a small brush because the bristles make it easy to smooth out the “U” shape around the free edge of the nail.

5.  The reinforcements will likely pull off some of the base coat. Not too worry, remove the remaining base coat from the nail plate with cotton and acetone. Then apply a fresh layer of base coat to the entire nail. 

6. Once the base coat is dry (COMPLETELY DRY! Seriously, I”m not joking, you will totally smear the white tips if you just start layering polish all over the place) apply two coats of a soft pink or beige. Finish with one layer of  top coat.