Beauty by Fitness : Cleanse Your Body Through Exercise

Spring has sprung and summer is fast approaching. This is the time many of us amp up our workouts to get “summer ready”. Worried your skin might pay the price for your extra sweat sessions? Let your fitness routine and beauty regimen work together! Guest blogger Meghan Reynolds, founder and coach at, shares her advice on cleansing your body (and skin!) through exercise. 

Cleansing is all the rage these days – there’s a new juice cleanse popping up every other week or the magazines are touting the latest way to cleanse your body –either through nutrition or exercise. I’m a big believer in the power of exercise and sweating as a tool to help cleanse, or detoxify, the body. I’m not saying that exercise actually detoxifies the body (the science behind that isn’t clear); I believe it aids in the cleansing/detox process. I define “detox” as riding your body of negative toxins, thoughts and foods. Exercise, from tai chi to yoga to running to a kickboxing class all contribute to that idea of detox.

Our bodies naturally want to get rid of what we don’t need; our kidneys and colon rid our body of waste and our lungs cleanse our bodies of toxins. So, eating healthy, drinking water and exercising daily help to detox our bodies and keep our bodies feeling great. Sweating is a big part of exercising and the detox process. While there is no scientific data on how sweating relates to the detoxification process, it definitely helps us feel better and look better.  Skin is actually an organ, and the largest one in your body. In order to keep it active and healthy, you need to sweat. Sweating helps remove dirt and toxins in your pores. Just be sure to replace what you’ve sweated out – water, sodium and other electrolytes

Yoga, tai chi and meditation practice helps to detox the mind of unwanted thoughts and feelings. Running and cardio related activities are huge stress relievers for many people and are sweat-inducing activities, thus, detoxing both your mind and body. When I’m stressed, angry or upset, or when I need a general pick-me-up, I choose an interval workout. It allows me to get out my emotions through a fast spurt and then recover. I end up feeling energized and strong because I pushed through and ran hard. Here’s an easy running interval workout that you can do anywhere. Choose a workout like this to sweat, detox and feel great.


Meghan Reynolds is a USATF & RRCA Certified Running Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor, a runner, a yogi and a fitness enthusiast. She is the founder and coach at Hot Bird Running. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook for tips and advice.