4 Step Eyeshadow Tutorial

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A good friend (and the beautiful model featured in this tutorial) asked me for a simple but creative way to apply eyeshadow on her own. Whether for work or play, daytime or nighttime, wherever her ambitious spirit may take her.

I created this look using just 4 shadow shades and basic application techniques. No pro skills necessary! Just find your 2 neutral shadows for defining the crease (read: brown, beige, tan, taupe), 1 accent shadow for the eyelid, and 1 accent shadow for the lash line (preferably darker than the eyelid shadow). Description and links to the tools and products used in this video are listed below.

Use any accent shadows you like! That’s what makes this look so amazing. You can make the most of the shadows you already have. Mix and match to create a new look every time!

Try this out and share your look on Instagram. Tag me @rachaelnycpics #rachaelnyc. I can’t wait to see!


product list

  1. occ large blending brush / 2. sephora shadow brush / 3. sephora smudge brush / 4. urban decay shadow & smudge brush (not shown in video) / 5. urban decay naked 1 palette / 6. urban decay last call shadow

Application Steps:

Step 1: Use a large blending brush to apply the neutral base shadow along your crease. The neutral base shadow should be only 1-2 shades darker than your skin. Use soft, circular motions with the brush to get a nice, even application along the crease of your eyelid.

Step 2: Using the same large blending brush, apply the darker crease shadow to the outside of the crease and along the outer lash line. With small, circular strokes, apply the shadow in a sideways “V” shape on the outside of the crease and lash line. This will create a beautiful dimension to your eye shape in one simple step.

Step 3: Use a small or medium shadow brush (a brush with dense bristles will give a more opaque finish) to apply an accent shadow to the eye lid. This can be as neutral or as bold as you like. For a subtle look, try a beige, gold, pink, or slightly purple shadow. A shimmer shadow will give the most radiance and reflection. Shimmer is a great pick-me-up after a not-so-great night’s sleep.

Step 4: With a small shadow brush or a smudge brush, apply a darker accent shadow just along the lash line. Then using an upward motion, blend the lash line shadow upwards to create a soft transition into the eyelid shadow. The idea here is that you get the dimension of an eyeliner without the precision of applying eyeliner. Just a hint of a darker shade along the lash line will make your eyes look more open.

That’s all there is too it! Just apply your favorite mascara (or whatever is within reach) and be done with it. What a quick way to add a little color to your day!